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The International offical teaching certificate which is required for teaching English any where in the world

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نظرات مشتریان

Are Celta online and offline courses different?

All courses, whether online or in-person, will be taught in accordance with a standard of instruction from Cambridge University-approved instructors.

How to hold a Celta course and exam

• all CELTA courses include at least 120 hours of study
• the topics cover practical teaching skills and the theory behind them
• you’ll get real-life teaching experience with groups of learners
• you’ll receive feedback and advice on your teaching
• you’ll be assessed on your teaching skills and on written assignments

The Celta test will continuously assess your teaching method and knowledge in a written and practical way throughout the course, and you will be awarded a Celta certificate upon completion of the classes.

Is this international degree suitable for us?

• new teachers with no experience starting their career
• teachers with some experience who want to develop their skills
• first-language English speakers and non-first-language speakers
• teachers who want to travel and teach English

You can participate in the CELTA online course in two intensive forms for 4 weeks or non-intensive for 3 months.

  • Celta degree is permanent
  • The instructors of these courses are international instructors
  • The degree is offered by the University of Cambridge
  • There are language teaching job opportunities everywhere in the world

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